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MEDIBAC™ - Amazing results for adult acne, breakouts, comedones (blackheads), oil and congestion. Help re-balance your skin by addressing the PH, soothing irritations and maintaining skin hydration. Powerful exfoliation and mask are used to dramatically improve adult skin suffering from acne caused by stress, hormonal changes and the effects of medication. (Contains salicylic acid.)  

CHROMA WHITE™ - Safe and effective treatment for pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull tired skin or for those who want to brighten and lighten the skin. A gentle way to reduce pigmentation without the use of chemicals such as hydroquinone.  An excellent treatment for hormone induced melasma (pigmentation caused by use of the contraceptive pill and/or pregnancy.) Also great as a pre-party treatment to give skin a healthy and radiant glow.  

CLEArSTART™ - Gentle yet super effective clearing treatment for teen acne, spots and breakouts. Help prevent teen breakouts with a professional skin care range design with young skins in mind. With superior ingredients that will not dry the skin, this is great starter facial for teens. (Also great for adult skins that have occasional breakouts.)

AGESMART™ - Lift, firm, tone, resurface and renew your skin. Anti-ageing treatment with use of permeable skin vitamins to radically change the look of your skin. Brightening agents help to reduce age spots and dramatically improve sallow, dull and tired looking skin. Vitamins, peptides, AHA’s and antioxidants produce an anti-ageing cocktail for the skin.

ULTRA CALMING™ - Soothe environmentally sensitised skin; reduce redness, hydrate, calm and cool. A thorough facial treatment with complex ingredients to re-balance your skin and make it happy again. Excellent for sufferers of acne rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and anyone with skin sensitivity.


NORMAL/DRY OR NORMAL/COMBINATION – If you’re not sure what your skin type is or you would consider yourself to have “normal” or “combination” skin, choose this option. Your skin specialist will tailor your treatment to suit your needs once a skin analysis has been completed.



SKIN BOOSTER FACIAL - CORE  Skin Treatment: Pre-cleanse, cleanse, gentle exfoliation*, mask, tone, moisturise, eye care.           

30 Minutes  £25

POWER EXFOILIATION - RESULTS Skin Treatment: Pre-cleanse, cleanse, power exfoliation*, complex serum, mask(s), tone, moisturise, eye care.                                         

45 Minutes  £35

PRESCRIPTION FACIAL - RELAX Skin Treatment: Pre-cleanse, cleanse, gentle exfoliation*, face décolleté and scalp massage, complex serum, mask, tone, moisturise, eye care.                       

60 Minutes  £35

FLASH Exfoliation Treatment:  Pre-cleanse, cleanse, power exfoliation*, daily resurfacing treatment, tone, serum, moisturise and eye cream.

20 minutes £25

*Substitute exfoliation in any skin treatment for Microdermabrasion  add £25

Ultimate Skin Treatment: If you don’t want to go under the knife then try a course of these fantastic skin treatments instead. Targeting:  

Thread veins,  Pigmentation,  Acne,  fine lines and wrinkles,  un-even skin tone,  sagging skin,  prematurely aged skin,  age spots,  acne scarring  rejuvenation,  collagen stimulation  and  MORE!!

This expertly designed rejuvenation treatment is the ultimate work out for your skin.

Includes: Pre cleanse, cleanse, acid based resurfacer, microdermabrasion, IPL Laser treatment (on areas of concern) complex serums, 1-2 masks, daily resurfacer, tone, eye cream, soothing serum, moisturiser and lip complex.

A course of these treatments are highly recommended for amazing results.  Homecare regimen must be followed.         

1hr 15minutes  £120         


Course of 5  £500  SAVE £100                                                                 

Course of 10  £800  SAVE £400

For more information on Microdermabrasion click here  and Environ Facials click here



If you can't see the treatment you require, or if you don’t know what to choose, please call the clinic and we will help you to decide.  

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