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Laser Lipolysis or Liposculpture


The Most Revolutionary Fat Busting & Non-Invasive Inch Loss System Ever Made


Revolutionary - Only 12 paddle dual frequency, non invasive liposuction system in Europe


Effective Results - 30% more effective than any other laser liposuction machine on the market


Safe & Approved - Our market leading machines are currently being approved by Hartley Street Doctors


The results of liposuction without the surgery

A new, safe form of laser liposuction that can change your body almost instantly. Its non-invasive and painless: no needles, injections or downtime.


What is laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is the process whereby fat stored in cells is broken down. Using low level laser technology we can disrupt the cell membrane of subcutaneous fat cells and achieve lipolysis (fat loss).


How does it work?

The first laser penetrates the membrane of the fat cells and develop tiny pores from which the fat flows out. The second laser shrinks the fat cell. The fat is removed by the lymphatic system.


Do I have to do anything at home?

We recommend a healthy diet and exercise - you must exercise within 24 hours of the treatment to increase the heart rate, which in turn increases the blood flow and the lymphatic drainage. This process helps the body to remove the fat waste.




•  Inch Loss

•  Skin Tightening

•  Cellulite Reduction

•  Skin Rejuvenation

•  Stretch mark reduction


Works on:


• Stomach

• Hips (Love handles)

• Thighs

• Upper Back

• Lower Back

• Arms (under biceps)

• Baby bulge

• Double Chins

• Above Knee Area

• Ankles

• Male Breasts (moobs)



Here at Worsley Laser Clinic we have seen some great results especially when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan. Recently, a client lost 33cm from her abdominal area after just one treatment, then went on to lose a further 17cm on her second treatment.


We have also been seeing great results post pregnancy as the collagen and ellastin is stimulated to help tighten the skin for a more smoother more toned appearance.


Liposcult is also great for body builders (male and female) as it targets specific areas of concern that might normally be stubborn areas to lose fat from.


Our clients are losing up to 33cm in just one treatment


Price from £40

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